* Regular Morning Practices:
7-8AM (HS Gym)


Coach: Scott Pack

Assistant Coaches:
Travis Martin
Jody Pry
Raul Sanchez
Kari Yaneff

Secretary: Shannon Maier

    Our normal weekly practice schedule will start on Nov. 28th. The typical week will consist of 8-12th grades practicing on Mondays and Thursdays, and 6 & 7th grades practicing on Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesdays are left open for making up weather days or extra practice for archers gearing up for tournaments, etc. You will still need to check emails, SBL Archery Club on FB, and/or the Google Calendar on our Archery page for any last minute schedule changes. Any time we do end up practicing on a Wednesday, we will get the word out to you. 

    Along with my parent email listing, I have created a student email list with school addresses, so the kids should be in the loop and receiving the same emails you are. It never hurts to remind them to check their emails occasionally. :)

    Looking ahead to tournaments, I can give you some dates for the ones we will most likely be attending. Again, these are subject to change. Also, keep in mind that we are often limited as to how many archers we can take to each tournament, so for tournaments other than the ones we host, not everyone will be able to go. 

  • January 21st - Atlantic Trojan January Tournament
  • January 27th - Lawton Bronson Shoot Out
  • January 28th - Lawton Bronson Tournament 
  • February 11th - SB-L Winter Warrior Shoot
  • February 18th - SB-L Warrior 300 Tournament 
  • March 3, 4 & 5th - 2017 Iowa NASP State Tournament