Long Term Facility Options

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Option 1 - New Primary School / Limited Renovations in High School.  Bond Again in Future

Build a new Primary School next to the existing Elementary School with careful consideration given to connecting the two buildings in order to share space between them.  This would require the moving of the current baseball and softball complex to the site the District owns West of Lakeport Rd. and South of 1st Street.  At the same time include only some of the identified renovations and expansions at the High School and Middle School.  This option keeps the price of this project to 28 Million dollars.   The District would keep the levy rate at $2.85 per $1,000 valuation until the project is paid off which is being estimated at 10-12 years.  Once this is paid off,  the District would need to pass another bond election to take care of the issues that were not addressed in this option.  For a list of the additional issues / concerns, click on the Learn about the Challenges Impacting our Schools link at the bottom of the page.

Option 2 - Build New High School / Sports Complex

Build a new High School on the site the District owns West of Lakeport Rd. and South of 1st Street.  This plan would also include the building of a sports complex with new facilities for Football, Track, Soccer, Baseball, and Softball.  The Baseball and Softball fields may or may not move immediately to this site, but would be planned to move in near future with use of additional 1-cent sales tax funds.  Once new High School is completed, the District would move the Middle School Staff/Students over to existing High School.  The District would then spend one year renovating the old Middle School and then move the Primary School Staff/Students to the current Middle School.  The existing Primary School would be either sold or raised.  The price of this project would be approximately 45 Million dollars.  The levy would start at $4.05 per $1,000 valuation and as the District valuation increases, the levy would decrease annually until the bond was paid off in 20 years.