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Science Links

Anatomy Web Sites
Guided Tour of the Human Body--The Visible Human Project consists of some 9000 digitized sections of the body, providing a unique means of studying the three-dimensional anatomy of the human body. 
The Heart
--For an outstanding study or review of the human heart, here's the place to come. Complete with visuals, audio and video files. 
Visible Human Project
--A system of knowledge structures that will transparently link visual knowledge forms to symbolic knowledge formats such as the names of body parts.

Biology Web Sites
Cells Alive--View spectacular visualization and animations with cell life. 
Endangered Species
--Information regarding endangered species ranging from policies, facts, history, images, projects, lessons, etc. 
Ocean Planet
--A traveling exhibition by the Smithsonian Institution, featuring information on biodiversity and the environment. This elaborate online science project also confronts ocean issues, undersea vents, and recent watery discoveries. 
Sea World-Busch Gardens
--An informative and graphic look at the animal kingdom presented by Sea World-Busch Gardens. 
Sensing the World
--Learn everything there is to know about our 5 senses. 
The Tree of Life
--Learn about the hisory of life on earth from 3 starting points: Biosphere, Metazoa and Vertebrates. 
Virtual Frog Dissection
--Does blood make you a little squimmish? Are you a little shakey with the scalpel? Try an online dissection--it's safer for the frog as well.

Chemistry and Physics Web Sites
ChemCenter--Access to tables of contents, articles and home pages for ACS journals; access to CAS's Chemical Patents Plus; and more. 
Chemicool Periodic Table
--Check out all the properties of your favorite element. 
Fear of Physics
--Fear not!! Physics fully explained in easy to understand language and multimedia clips. 
Physics 2000
--Learn the basic concepts in physics through interactive applications and colorful graphics. Chat with a physicist.

Science Web Sites
BrainPop--Addresses over 30 common science topics students encounter and clarifies and summerizes important facts with a brief animated flick geared for kids. 
Cool Science
--Here is a useful science web site created by a teacher for her students--includes an "ask the teacher" link for questions. (Recommended by Alex Bird) 
Explore the Sea
--Dedicated to exploring the splendors of the sea, including sea news, a sea lab, aquarium resources and more. 
Fisher Science Education Online--An extensive compilation of science resources and information. The web site includes pages such as: Sci-Ed Site Explorer, Teacher Tips, Weekly Special, New Product Directory, Science Calendar and more. 
Franklin Institute Science Museum--Begin your visit to the nationally-acclaimed science museum today! If you are interested in the continually changing world of current science, don't miss this site! 
Mad Scientist Network
--We are a collective crania of scientists answering questions in many branches of science, providing a forum in which people can learn more about the world around them. 
National Institute of Environmental Health
--A neat site for kids with many activities, brain teasers, coloring pages, songs, etc. 
Online Tornado Project--Whirling with energy, this site provides gale-force amounts of information on tornadoes, storm chasing, safety and myths. Take a peek at tornado oddities to discover what happens to birds during twisters. 
Science Monster
--Created to help make learning science "fun." (Recommended by Jessa Schweitzer) 
The Science Page
--Enjoy numerous science and science education sites. 
Scorecard Home
--Is pollution a problem in your community? Take a look at this site to see how pollution affects the US. 
Rainforest Action Network
--Everything you need to take a stand for the preservation of the rain forest--activities and action alerts. 
Science Central
--Provides a gateway to over 50,000 sites pertaining to over 120 specialties in science and engineering. 
The Science of Unnatural Mystery
--What's the real evidence about UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and Atlantis? Visit this site to learn what we know and don't know about these mysteries. 
Smithsonian Institute--Documents and data about Museum research and the national collections, which comprise more than 120 million scientific specimens and cultural artifacts from around the world. 
Ultimate Desert Resource
--A tool for discovery and a place where you can find information on almost any desert-related topic. You don't even have to leave your computer to discover the many treasures of the desert. 
Volcano World
--Modern and near-real-time volcano information to users of the Internet.

Space and Astronomy Web Sites
Explore the Sky--Dedicated to exploring the wonders of the solar system, a sky lab and more. 
NASA on the Internet
--The best way to visit space, short of hopping onto the shuttle. Tune into a new NASA site each week and get in touch with your universe. 
The Nine Planets
--Cuddle up to your computer and surf out to The Nine Planets, where text, pictures, sounds, and movies transport you all the way to the moon and beyond. 
Stephen Hawking's Universe--"For thousands of years, people have wondered about the universe," begins Dr. Hawking in his introduction to this section of the gorgeous PBS Web site which has been created around his television series. 
Universe-An Inquirer's Guide
--The universe is expanding. Maybe. Our understanding of the universe is expanding. Definitely. Visit this site and see what's new in the Universe. 
Views of the Solar System
--An educational tour of the solar system, containing images and information about the Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteoroids found within the solar system.

Sites for Science Teachers
Cody's Science Education Lesson Plans 
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
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Science Teacher's Webquests
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