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Language Arts Links

Grammar Resources
  • Acronym Finder--At this site, you can find out what 69,000 acronyms and abbreviations stand for. Type in the acronym (such as CIA, NASA, or ERA) without periods or quotes and press Find.
  • Common English Errors--The aim of this site is to help you avoid low grades, lost employment opportunities, or lost business at the way you write or speak.
  • Daily Grammar Activites--Great little reviews on grammar--use these ready-to-use "cards" to test and update your students' skills in verbs, pronouns, proofreading...Each week is themed.
  • English Grammar 101--An interactive online tutorial for basic units in english grammar. Check this one often.
  • Etymologic--Here's a interactive fun way to learn word origins and definitions. E.G. "What's the original definition of Ketchup?"
  • Focus on Words--Online exercises, definitions, etymology, word histories, and online tests. A good way to prepare for the ACT's and other vocabulary tests.
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing--This practical and engaging presentation of grammar teaches and reviews with clarity and impact.
  • Merriam-Webster World Central--Students can look up word definitions quickly, or build their own dictionary! Find the meaning of the Daily Buzzword.
  • OneLook Dictionaries-Type a word into OneLook and it will search through more than 287 dictionaries and glossaries. Need to find a special subject dictionary fast? Click on Browse Dictionary List. Entries are in categories from Arts and Humanities to Technology.
  • Rhyme Zone--As you create your own poems, use this rhyming dictionary to help you find the perfect word.
  • Word Net Search--An online dictionary that you can explore in many different directions. Enter a word and choose from the same meaning, the opposite meaning, whole object, more general, more specific, parts of object, attributes, and familiarity.

Literature Resources
  • Academy of American Poets--A varied collection of resources on American poets: their lives and their work.
  • Author Pages--Access over five hundred links to children's and young adult author/illustrator sites.
  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations--Want to know who said it when?--Search by keyword.
  • British Poetry (1780-1910)--Meet the Romantics like Keats and Bryon. Find out about the men behind the words (biographical information).
  • Circle of Stories--Honors American Indian storytelling and the importance of those traditions.
  • Encyclopedia MythicaMyths and Legends and Folk Tales--Three comprehensive sites on mythology, folklore, and legends.
  • Learning With Mysteries--Provides lesson plans and resources for using mysteries to teach critical thinking, writing and literature.
  • Literary Calendar--Find out what happened on each day of the year in Literary history. Searchable!!
  • On Line Books Page--An index of thousands of on-line books, and for common repositories of on-line books and other documents. (English and other languages)
  • Pulitzer Prize Awards--Contains the works and profiles of Prize winners past and present.
  • Shakespeare on the Web--An interactive, hypermedia environment dedicated to the understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare's plays and other works.
  • Sherlockian Home Page--Sherlock Holmes fans will find everything the Net offers relevant to their favorite sleuth at this site. Electronic texts of stories and novels are available, along with multimedia files containing original illustrations from first editions and a large number of more specialized Web sites.

Composition and Writing Resources
  • Assignment Planner--Enter the topic of your next school paper and when it is due and this site will help you develop a plan of attack and advice on what to do (while geared toward college students it will be useful for high school students).
  • A+ Research and Writing--A step by step guide for researching and writing a paper (includes topics, sources of information, etc)
  • ABC's of the Writing Process--Need writing tips? Look for links that feature the General Writing Process, Prewriting, Revising, Editing, Publishing, and a special section: For Teachers.
  • Ethics Update--This site is intended to provide updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics.
  • Extemp Page--A useful resource and guide to public speaking.
  • Hot Topics Links--Presents accurate, objective information on controversial issues--statistics, full texts of laws and court decisions, articles, and other information.
  • Purdue University OnLine Writing Lab--Useful handouts and links to writing hints, search tools and writing resources.
  • Ms. Smith's Writing Resources--Do you want to become a better writer? Mrs. Smith has many useful resources for you to use.
  • Traits for Writing--The Traits of Writing site gives prompts that will help students identify various types of writing, and find something specific they wish to discuss.
  • Trinity College Writing Center--Research tools, Writing resources, and links to other useful writing sites.

Teacher Resources
  • CyberGuides--CyberGuides are supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of literature.
  • Investigative Journalism on the 'Net--Digging for story ideas? Looking for some quick facts to wrap up an article that's due in an hour? Check out a comprehensive reference guide geared toward the busy reporter. (Originates from Canada)
  • Media Awareness Online--Don't believe everything you hear on the Internet. Here is a useful site to help develop healthy skepticism about using Internet information.
  • Teaching Creative Writing--This site contains full content for teaching an entire course in creative writing.
  • Web English Teacher--Links to lesson plans, biographies, e-texts, online criticism, videos, Webquests, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities to support the teaching of English/Language Arts.
  • The Write Site--An interactive language arts and journalism project for middle schools. (May be useful for high school students as well).
  • Writing Adventures--An extensive series of high school writing lessons divided into three main categories: Composition I, Composition II, and English II. Each section contains several lessons and evaluation resources. Topics covered include: writing about plot, 100 journal topics, literary analysis, poetry project, activities for specific novels--and much more.

Reading Resources

    100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know-- Here is a list of 100 Picture Books that all children should read (recommended by Lois Loughren). 
    Adopt an Author 
    --Reading program with FREE curriculum and projects for middle & high school teachers that allows student interaction with the authors. 
    Between the Lions: Games --Can you scoop letters from your soup to make a word? There are lots of phonics games to play using Shockwave. (primary) 
    Book Adventure 
    --A completely FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K - 8. Children create their own book lists from over 6,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read offline, and earn points and prizes for their literary success. 
    Buster's Bookshelf - A bookstore for kids 
    --Children and reading are our Number One priority. 
    It's Fun To Read --Click All About Me for some interactive reading about Who Am I? What Is My Pet? And Where Do I Sleep? Have some fun with Bird Riddles and Tongue Twisters. (primary)
    Just Phonics --A phonics-based reading instruction program that skyrockets reading scores and helps struggling readers. 
    Kids' Lab 
    --Provides practice for K-2 Reading comprehension, phonics skills and vocabulary development. Online quizzes and printable materials. 
    Literacy Connections 
    --Free information on reading, tutoring techniques, ESL literacy, and adult literacy. Useful resources for reading teachers and literacy volunteers. Topics include the language experience approach, phonics, and the best in children's literature. 
    Macbookwords--Contains information on reading, authors and activities. (Recommended by Lois Loughren) 
    Mrs. Atkinson's Reading Room --A wonderful resource for K-3 students and parents with many games and activities. The site includes an extensive teacher link page with all you need to know about teaching reading. 
    Online Practice Reading Tests--These reading tests for grades 1-8 use multiple choice, short-answer, and long-answer questions. Test tips for students and how to score are included. 
    Reading A-Z --The Online Reading Program. Download, print and assemble hundreds of books to help children learn to read. Leveled guided reading books, decodable phonics books, alphabet books - all with extensive lesson plans and worksheets. Preview 30 FREE books now. 
    Reading Champions 
    --Reading Champions is a comprehensive reading curriculum for students of all ages. 
    Reading Comprehension 
    --These stories and follow-up questions teach main idea, inference, and word meanings from context. (intermediate) 
    The Reading Lesson 
    --Discovery Channel award winning reading program offers you lots of great free downloads, math, reading, writing and online phonics movie. Tired of random worksheets? try our free graduated. step-by-step math worksheets for a complete K-3 math program. 
    Reading Lesson Plans --Reading lesson plans feature free language arts worksheets, story element activities, and printable games and crafts from FunLessonPlans.com reading programs. 
    Reading Now 
    --EARLY READING SKILLS: Instruct / Practice with MATERIALS for each level of DOLCH SIGHT WORDS, VOWELS, SYLLABLES, and handbook of PHONICS RULES! Reading exercises, flash cards, game activities, Lesson progression leading to mastery. 
    Reading Workshop --Free quality reading resources made for teachers by teachers! Free online tutorials for 11 reading strategies grades 3-5. K-2 strategies in separate index . Free reading comprehension & activity worksheets. 
    The Reading Zone 
    --The glasses icon indicates easy, intermediate, and advanced reading comprehension activities available to guests. Use the Dolch Word List, or try Reading a Map, Candy Labels, Reading Envelopes, Learn About Dolphins, Aesop's Fables, and U.S. Presidents Chart Study. 
    Teaching a Child to Read --Auditory techniques, phonic information, and reading activities to help children learn to read. 
    Quick Start Reading 
    --Offers beginning phonics reading products, resources for parents, activities and free reading advice to help children learn to read by using creative and fun teaching aids, tested over a thirty-year period.