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Foreign Language Links

American Sign Language Browser--Click on Take Me to the ASL Browser. Select the first letter of your word. Each sign includes a QuickTime video and explanation. 
Espanol Hot Internet Sites
--A comprehensive directory of links for K-12 Spanish language classes. 
Foreign Language for Travelers
--Provides a variety of useful tools for the traveler and those interested in learning a foreign language. 
French Language Course--This French course will help you understand written French newspapers, articles, magazines, signs on the road in France, and to write a letter to a French friend. 
The Goethe Institute
--The Goethe Institute is a non-profit organization with more than 150 institutes in 78 countries. Its task is to promote the German Language and to foster International Cultural Cooperation. 
Language Dictionaries and Translators--Whether you're a student studying for a vocabulary test, or a foreign language teacher looking for some online translations, this site has many useful language references. 
Language Guide
--Are you learning English, Espanol, French, Deutsch, Mandarin, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, or Hindi? Place your cursor over any of the images and hear their names pronounced and see them spelled out. 
Language Links
--A vast collection of links for all languages. 
Learn Spanish--The Internet's most extensive collection of free Spanish learning tools. 
Learn Spanish
--Check out the vocabulary lists, including 50 useful expressions, 100 of the most frequently used verbs, and almost all the things you can find in a house! 
Online Language Activities
--View a series of classroom lessons for foreign language classes utilizing the Internet. 
Say Hello to the World
--If you wanted to say hello to everybody in the world, how many people would that be? And how many languages would you have to learn? 
Spanish Language Resources
--Here is a site that is filled with links to the Spanish language and culture. 
Spanish Steps--A beginner's course for learning Spanish. 
Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
--An exhaustive list of Francophone web sites--the Louvre, maps, cities, newspapers, magazines, etc. 
The Internet Picture Dictionary
--This picture dictionary is for ESL students and beginning English, French, German, Spanish and Italian language learners. Browse by category: Animals, Appliances, Body, Clothing, Colors, Fruits, Garden, Kitchen, Musical Instruments, Numbers, School, Sports, Tools, Transportation, and Vegetables. 
Yamada Language Guides--The definitive guide to language resources on the World Wide Web.