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Business Links

General Business Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics--An up-to-the minute look at how the US economy is doing.
Code of Iowa--The laws of Iowa--completely searchable. Most recent update!!


Entrepreneur Magazine--Visit the home of the most comprehensive small business site in America.
The Forbes 500--Get all the inside information on the top 500 companies in America.
BISON--Interested in owning a business franchise?? Here is a useful guide.

Life Skills and Workplace Readiness

Career Builder--Job opportunities, advice, tips and profiles.
Net Temps--A complete guide to job seeking on the Internet. Features hints and tips from America's top companies.
Critical Thinking Skills--Learn skills necessary for critical thinking, a trait valuable for employment.
Work Channel--Provides information about jobs, self-assessments and advice from experts.

Personal Financial Management

Consumer Teen Scrapbook--Developed by teens for teens, here's a resource to help educate teen consumers with some of their most frequent purchases.
Consumer Fraud--Information on various consumer fraud scams, including sweepstakes, employment and telephone schemes.
FDIC--Resources for consumers, banking, asset and statistical information.
Household Budget Management--Information on household budgeting, money saving tips and other personal financial references.
IRS Tax Information for You--Tax information for individuals directly from the Internal Revenue Service.
InsWeb--A guide to insurance resources on the Internet.
Jump Start Coalition--Recomended by Mrs Steinkamp, here is a useful personal financial activities site.
Vanguard Corporation--Complete guide to investing your wealth in America today.