Construction Trades College Credit

There are 2 types of college credit that can be earned while attending SB-L High School, Articulated Credit & College Credit

Articulated Credit - An articulation agreement exists between WITCC and Sergeant Bluff-Lution CSD that enables a student to show 
proficiency in the competencies of a college course through the successful completion of the agreed upon high school course (earning an "A" or a "B").
The instructor of the articulated course sings an articulation form for each successful completer of the course and files the form in the students permanent records.
The student is awarded credit at WITCC upon the condition that the student provides the necessary paperwork (the singed and dated articulation form 
from the instructor of the high school course) when enrolling at WITCC.  
The agreement is only valid if the student enters WITCC immediately after completion of high school.  These credits are not transferable to any other school besides WITCC.

College Credit - 11th or 12th grade students who have completed the process for admission into the college course will be dual-enrolled at WITCC 
and at SB-L High School.  They will earn both high school credit from SB-L, and college credit through WITCC.  
This course will effect both your high school G.P.A. and your college G.P.A. at WITCC.  Some of the credits may be eligible to transfer to other colleges.
Look at Page 2 of the Program of Study for details of the college credit offerings in Culinary Arts Program